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My name is Dr. Robert G. Lyon. I am a forensic dentist/investigator with over 25 years experience. I helped to identify hundreds of the World Trade Center victims post 9/11. You can read more about me in the section of this site, “About Bob.”

Of all the over 740 cases I have handled during my career, the two cases I helped with this past 6 months have been quite the eye openers. Both cases involved exposing two of Chemung County, New York’s top officials.

First, the Chemung County DA , Weedon Wetmore allowed the injustice of refusing to take to trial a well connected local dentist for sexually abusing two female employees over a three-year period and at least two young female patients under his care. It must be noted that the older dentist/owner of the practice gave up the looming $250,000 buy-in fee from the perpetrator/younger dentist and fired him when he saw the unstoppable evidence we had gathered. “Overhauling the Machine,” is the story of this case which is above in the “read this.”

The second case involves Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss and his under-sheriff, William Schrom. The evidence that we have gathered through the Freedom of Information Act, dozens of interviews with Sheriff Department employees who will be protected by the ‘whistle blowers' act” when asked to testify, and other investigative avenues have established the fact that Sheriff Moss covered up felony crimes committed in his jail!

During the year 2009 the under-sheriff’s nephew took sexual advantage of many female inmates while on duty as a CO at the Chemung County jail. We needed to know:

1. Did it happen?
2. Did Moss know?
3. Did he report the incidents to the Chemung County DA as required by law?
4. Did he report the incidents to the State Commissioner of Corrections, again, as required by law.


The results of our investigation support the following:
During the year 2009, six years after the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) was passed, the under-sheriff’s nephew engaged in
felonious acts of sex with possibly as many as eight female inmates while on duty as a corrections officer at the Chemung County Jail.
Signed depositions from Sheriff Department employees show that Moss absolutely knew about these felony crimes which occurred at his jail. The freedom of information act showed us that Christopher Moss NEVER REPORTED THE FACT THAT HIS UNDERSHERIFF'S NEPHEW HAD SEX WITH MULTIPLE FEMALE INMATES TO THE STATE COMMISSIONER OF CORRECTIONS!!!

In an interview with the Chemung County DA, Weedon Wetmore, the DA told Art Laurey himself that he knew nothing about the 2009 felony crimes being performed by the under-sheriff’s nephew. Now, what does this investigator think? I believe (NOT necessarily fact) that Sheriff Moss covered up these felony crimes in his jail as a favor to his under-sheriff and/or to keep negative press away from his jail. Christopher Moss, with complete disregard of the rights of these female inmates, covered up multiple felony sex crimes which occurred at the hand of his under-sheriff’s nephew!!!

Now Part 2: How did Art Laurey get removed from the ballot to run as an independent against Sheriff Moss on November 5th? Sheriff Moss and his under-sheriff must know that my website contains very inflammatory information about their illegal activities. Fearing that they may lose the general election to Laurey as the 2009 sex scandal unfolds, the under-sheriff contested over 600 signatures of 1,700 on Laurey’s petitions. The Chemung County election board agreed with most of the contested signatures throwing out 35% of the names. Some were thrown out because the signatures were printed, some were in pencil, some had moved to a different address, some were supposedly not registered to vote in Chemung County . I think you all get the picture. I believe that the board of election also needs new blood. I know first hand that many of the signatures were thrown out for NO reason. I learned one was supposedly a non-registered voter, but the person WAS registered.

You see, as we are new at this politics thing, we did not know that we had only three business days to correct enough signatures to get Art Laurey back on the ballot. We also had only three days to file and serve the proper paperwork to let the under-sheriff (the one who contested the signatures in the first place) know that we intended to challenge him. So on the day after the primary election, September 11, Laurey and his campaign manager, Mark spent all day getting the mountain of paperwork together with the help of law clerks. Without the help of these women, it never would have been possible to serve the papers on time. Mid-afternoon, Laurey & Mark served the Board of elections and at 4:55 PM they attempted to serve papers to the under-sheriff. He was not in his office. If Mark had just taped the papers to his office door that would have worked but because we are not experts on election law, Mark went next door to the jail and asked to speak to a supervisor on duty. The desk person contacted the ones in charge and they refused to cooperate with Mark. It was raining so Mark quickly returned to Laurey’s van where he was a passenger as Art was driving. Art spotted a just off duty Sheriff Deputy. Mark handed the paperwork to the deputy asking him to see that the under-sheriff received it. It was made clear that it would not be given to the under-sheriff that day.
On Thursday, September 19th, the Art Laurey camp faced off against the CC board of elections, the under-sheriff, and their lawyers. There was a lot of horsepower on their side of the room including George Winner, Peter Finnerty, and other “good” machine members with Judge David Brockway presiding, he called both sides into chambers. After thirty minutes, all returned to the courtroom. Judge Brockway ruled in Laurey’s favor giving us until the following Tuesday to correct 82 signatures. We traveled with a small army of notaries, Friday through Monday jumping through the machine's hoops and against all odds, corrected 97 signatures!!! WE WON !!!?
We returned to court for a final ruling by Judge Brockway. As an aside, I know Judge Brockway to be a great judge, beholden to no one, certainly not “The Machine.” The Machine lawyers were brilliant as was our lawyer. The Machine knew that they had lost the battle with regard to number of good signatures, so they fought back with a technicality. When Mark attempted to serve papers to the under-sheriff, the under-sheriff did not receive the papers by midnight on 09/11/2013 . The Judge had no choice but to throw Art Laurey off the independent ballot as there are no provisions in election law that would allow the Judge to extend the deadline for serving the under-sheriff.
As I boarded the elevator with a disappointed Art Laurey and his wife, the under-sheriff, leaving the courtroom looked at me. With the elevator door almost shut, he smirked at me in a childish, “I won and you didn’t” manner. I laughed thinking about what I would do if he and Sheriff Moss are charged with the cover up of multiple felonies for ignoring the fact that the under-sheriff’s nephew molested as many as eight females while on duty at the Chemung County Sheriff’s office. I decided that I would never smirk. I actually feel sorry for Sheriff Moss and his under-sheriff. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. How they can go to bed at night knowing that they allowed this to happen and actually get a good night's rest, I will never understand. I’m not a religious person but what goes around comes around and I would love to be a fly on the gate when they stand before Saint Peter! It’s just plain EVIL.
What can the general public do to help bring about justice? I mailed a letter to the following people listing my concerns:

State Commissioner of Correction Office of the Attorney General
Alfred E. Smith State Office Building Public Integrity Bureau
80 East Swan St.,                                                                  12th Floor The Capitol
Albany, NY 12210                                                                 Albany, NY 12224-0341

Mr. Eric T. Schneiderman                                                     Susan Skidmore
Office of the Attorney General                                              518 W Third St
The Capital                                                                            Elmira, NY 14901
Albany, NY 12224-0341
                                                                                              Congressman Tom Reed
President Obama                                                                    89 W. Market St
The White House                                                                    Corning, Ny 14830
1600 Pennsylvania Ave N/W
Washington, DC 06840                                                           Senator Kristen Gillibrand
                                                                                               James M. Hanley Federal Building
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo                                         100 South Clinton St.
Governor of New York State                                                   Room 1470
NYS Capital Building                                                               P.O Box 7378
Albany, NY 12224                                                                   Syracuse, NY 13261

Lieutenant Governor Robert J. Duffy                                       Hillary Clinton
State Capital                                                                             15 Old House Lane
Albany, NY 12224-0341                                                           Chappaqua, NY 10514
Mr. Thomas Santulli                                                                 Senator Tom O'Mara
1528 W. Water St                                                                      333 E. Water St
Elmira, NY 14905                                                                      Elmira, NY 14901
One thing is certain, many Sheriff's department employees have risked losing their jobs, pensions, future employment opportunities by being brave and coming out and signing statements against their narcissist, controlling, diabolical leaders. By giving up now, I leave all the brave ones who came forward including Art Laurey with two alligators in a phone booth! I will not stop until everyone in Chemung County knows the truth.
The proper authorities have been notified and a thorough investigation by the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Bureau and the State Commissioner of Corrections is absolutely necessary.
Please write to both of the above with your concerns about this matter and the DA Wetmore nightmare, if you please. Your names and addresses will be kept secret. Your support will help to make Chemung County a much better place to live and work in.
That’s all for now.

Dr. Bob Lyon

To Chemung County, NY Sheriff Moss,

I want you and your under-sheriff to know for the record that although you, Chris Moss, and I were once co-workers in the field of forensic investigation, we are now arch enemies.  I identified the dead, processed the homicide victims with bite marks, etc, etc and you assisted me.  I am very, very disappointed in you as a human being.

You and your under-sheriff allowed the under-sheriff’s CO nephew to have felonious sexual relations with multiple female inmates during 2009.  Did you not realize that you were supposed to report these felony crimes to the State Commissioner of Corrections and the Chemung County DA?  Do you think you are above the law?  Do you think that the women who were abused by your under-sheriff’s nephew are worthless?  The bottom line is that you knew about it, and you covered it up.  I have seen no evidence to the contrary.  Many of your employees are willing to testify against you, if and when the proper authorities launch an investigation.  The victims are waiting in the wings to testify against you as well.   You have MANY ENEMIES, MY FORMER FRIEND!!!!

You treat your employees very poorly.  I have interviewed dozens of those who are not fortunate enough to be your pets.  Those nearing retirement can’t wait to get away.  Most are afraid of what you will do if they speak about the horrible things you have done.  You rule as a narcissistic, totalitarian dictator.  Your under-sheriff is no better.  The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves!

You and I both know that Art Laurey is fighting against you and the political machine that protects you.  The  machine of which you are a part has many, many connections.  For me 110% has been about getting rid of you and your corrupt under-sheriff, and 100% has been about helping Art Laurey to become our next Sheriff.  The numbers don’t add up but ART LAUREY SHOULD BE OUR SHERIFF, AS YOU AND YOUR FOLLOWERS ARE A LAWBREAKING DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art is a wonderful man who, with a cohesive team backing him would make a wonderful sheriff.  He is honest…you are not.  He cares about all of his team…his coworkers…you care about only yourself….you poor man.  Arthur is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, obedient, cheerful, thrifty and brave, clean and reverant like any good boy scout…you are not, and I am ashamed of you!

Why do I risk my reputation by trying desperately to get you out of office?  It is for the same reason I spent over $150,000.00 of my own money, gave over 16,000 hours and presided over 600+ meetings to bring Eldridge Park back to Elmira, NY, just voted the 5th most loved park in the nation.  Eldridge Park even beat Disney World!  I am so proud of my work at Eldridge.  I did it for my fellow man and our community!  My work to topple you is the same…it is out of a love for all the citizens of Chemung County.  We all deserve an honest, law-abiding Sheriff.  If I were in any way incorrect with regards to my attack on you and your disgusting followers, I WOULD BE AN INMATE IN YOUR JAIL RIGHT NOW!!!!! I WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING IF I WERE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

The Attorney General’s Bureau of Public Integrity and the State Commissioner of Corrections are the entities that would be heading such an investigation.  They have been informed!!!!!!!!!!!!  It will be very sad for all Chemung County citizens if you and the political machine also have these entities in your back pocket….BUT I DON”T THINK YOU CONTROL THEM!!

In the end, I feel badly for you, your family, and your parents especially as I know they did not raise you to be the way you are right now.  I hope someday you can change for the better.  Life is too short to constantly be looking over your shoulder and you must also have a lot of sleepless nights.  YOUR FAMILY WILL BE JUST AS ASHAMED OF YOU AS WE ARE WHEN THEY FIND OUT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!!!!!

You may be re-elected, but know that for me this has nothing to do with dirty politics. Some voters think perhaps that I’m helping Art Laurey to run a dirty campaign. Not so. Everyone will eventually come to know the truth…I just want our corrupt DA and YOU replaced by people with character…. people who are honest and trustworthy and who don’t break the laws they are sworn to uphold. 

Art Laurey was approached by one of your female employees at the Sheriff’s department.  She said, ‘Dr. Bob (me) has got to get that sign out of his truck!’ Art asked, ‘What does Dr. Bob’s sign say that is incorrect?’  She turned and walked away as Art added, ‘if our sheriff had just done his job in 2009, I would not be running against him.’

Art Laurey is a very brave man to have decided to run against you.  Every day, he is treated like an animal by you and your pets….demoted, false charges brought against him.   Come after ME INSTEAD YOU COWARD! COME GET ME!  YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME AS YOU KNOW I AM THE HONEST PERSON YOU SHOULD BE.  If you win this election, I expect you will fire him and all those who you think might be willing to testify against you. But rest assured you will be taken down during your 3rd term, as the facts are clear and you should resign NOW .  YOU WON'T THOUGH, AS YOU FEEL THERE IS SOMEWAY FOR THE MACHINE TO SAVE YOU!!!  WRONG… WE AS A COMMUNITY WILL RISE UP AND MAKE YOU ANSWER TO THESE HORRIBLE CRIMES THAT YOU DECIDED TO COVER UP TO FAVOR YOUR UNDERSHERIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that the debacle you call your sheriff’s department is like a scene from the Wizard of Oz.  You are the wicked witch, and when the Attorney General’s office and the Commissioner of Corrections throws the bucket of water on you, you and your pack of wolves will go away to a state or federal penitentiary to serve your time for your 2009 cover-up of multiple felony sex crimes committed by your under-sheriff’s nephew, who was known as "JUICE", by his female inmate sex slaves.  The employees who you think are your slaves will be just as jubilant as the wicked witch’s guards when you are gone…”The wicked Moss is gone!!!”

If the Attorney General and State Corrections Commissioner are not corrupt like you, you will eventually be brought down.  It’s called JUSTICE, Christopher Moss…something that is important to me!  And I will be my community’s watch "Lyon" until things are better for all of Chemung County citizens…You must go away!!!!!

Know this, even as you treat Art and many of your employees like scum, your opponent, ARTHUR LAUREY, prays for you to become a better person, as he is a wonderful man.   I just pray to God that the Attorney General’s bureau of public integrity and the State Corrections Commissioner launch an investigation of their own so that justice can be served!  I hope you, Christopher Moss, someday find peace and a way to make right all of the terrible wrongs you have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, your former friend,

Dr. Robert G. Lyon, DDS, FO

P.S.  Attached is a list of the individuals and entities who have received this letter.

  • **********56,538 Chemung County citizens************
  • State Commissioner of Correction 
  • Public Integrity Bureau Office of the Atty. General
  • Mr. Eric T. Schneiderman Office of the Attorney General
  • President Obama
  • Senator Kristen Gillibrand
  • Congressman Tom Reed
  • Hillary Clinton
  • The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
  • Lieutenant Governor Robert J. Duffy 
  • Senator Tom O’Mara
  • Mr. Thomas Santulli
  • Mayor Susan Skidmore

One thing is certain, many Sheriff’s department employees have risked losing their jobs, pensions, future employment opportunities by being brave and coming out and signing statements against their narcissist, controlling, diabolical leaders. By giving up now, I leave the victims and all the brave ones who came forward including Art Laurey with alligators in a phone booth! I will not stop until everyone in Chemung County knows the truth.
The proper authorities have been notified and a thorough investigation by the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Bureau and the State Commissioner of Corrections is absolutely necessary.
Please write to both of the above with your concerns about this matter and the DA Wetmore nightmare, if you please. Your names and addresses will be kept secret. Your support will help to make Chemung County a much better place to live and work in.

Make history…Write in Art Laurey on November 5th.

That’s all for now.

Dr. Bob Lyon

Overhauling The Machine

All of you who know me, found my work at Eldridge Park to be unselfish, community minded, and historic in many ways. I love Elmira. After all, my family was second only to John B. Hendy who was the first to settle here; Hendy in the fall of 1788 and my great, great, great, great, great Grandfather Lyon in the early spring of 1789. I always felt honored to live here, but as I learned more and more about how things really work behind the scenes, I got the icky feeling one gets when they learn that something or someone who they really loved, betrayed them deeply. Local politics caused me to leave Eldridge and move to our farm in Tioga County, NY.

In short, I was forced to sever my ties to Elmira, in search of a place and a project unspoiled by local political nonsense.
I will begin with a discussion of the DUAI that I was charged with. Be patient, the story will all come together. My best friend was the best man at both of my weddings. He was a man who meant more to me than anyone…a man who shaped me into what I have become…one who seeks justice at any cost. The man I speak of was my father.

Dad turned to alcohol when Mom landed in St. Joseph’s skilled nursing due to a near fatal case of Dermatomyositis. Dad was consuming 1.5 liters of vodka every two days and a gallon of port wine every two to three days.

One day we found Dad in a heap, nearly unconscious. He went off to the hospital by ambulance where fortunately he recovered from his physical addiction to alcohol in less than a week. He checked himself out and called for me to pick him up. Against my will as I knew Dad was not over the psychological aspect of his addiction, I took him home. His doctor informed me and my then girlfriend, Mary Ann, to move in with Dad as he could not be trusted alone and needed a lot of help to overcome his problems.

We moved in on a Sunday…lock, stock and barrel. Friday morning, Mary Ann and I went to an Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society meeting. We returned home before lunch to pick up Dad to take him to Light’s Bakery for lunch. There was a police car parked out in front of Dad’s house and my vehicle was about to be towed out of Dad’s drive. You see, my ex-wife, living across the street, had called the police and tow truck, as Dad wanted to be able to get his car out so that he could go buy alcohol.

We told the tow truck to leave and entered the house to find a young West Elmira officer standing next to my father, who was ranting that how he felt like a prisoner in his own home. We explained that we were ordered by my father’s doctor to move in to assist him. Adult protective services were called. The doctor’s secretary confirmed on the phone that Dad’s doctor had indeed asked us to move in with Dad.

The young rookie cop ordered Mary Ann and I to pack up and leave. We did as we were told. West Elmira cops had previously seen my anger during an incident which resulted in the loss of my pistol permit. (See the story titled ‘How I lost my pistol permit’)

A few days later, the housekeeper I had hired to watch over Dad, found him unconscious on the bathroom floor covered in diarrhea. This time would be Dad’s final trip to the hospital. The doctor told us that his kidneys were shutting down and he was close to death. With tears in my eyes, I could only feel intense anger toward the West Elmira rookie who allowed…made this happen!

It was a Friday, six months later. Mom and Dad were still living together now in the same room as the St. Joseph’s nursing facility for which I have nothing but praise and respect, as my parents were treated like family and had the best of care. Mary Ann and I had a fish fry at 5:30 at the ‘Shingle’ and one draft beer. Mary Ann went to a friend's house to wait for me and the friend's husband to pick up supplies for the latest project at Eldridge Park. On our way back to Eldridge with our supplies on my trailer, my tail lights were shorted out by a bad electric connection between my trailer and my Suburban. Elmira Heights police pulled me over at around 7 PM. He asked me to get the lights fixed ASAP and let us go. We unloaded at Eldridge and proceeded to meet up with Mary Ann and my fellow board member's wife at their house for a game of darts. Remember, I had consumed one draft beer, now 2 1/2 hours prior. As we traveled through West Elmira without the trailer, and the tail lights still out for lack of a replacement fuse, I was stopped by a West Elmira police officer. I was just a few blocks from Dad’s house where Mary Ann and I were now living and there were snow banks on the left side of Church St., which would have made it dangerous for the officer and us, so I pulled into Dad’s driveway. The female officer approached the vehicle and was angered by my pulling into the driveway and not stopping three blocks before. She immediately asked if I was drinking. I told her that I had had one beer with dinner. She then asked me to follow her finger with my eyes. I’m blind in the right eye so when her finger passed into the blind spot, I couldn’t follow her finger. She demanded that I step out of the car. It was at that moment that I realized that she was the same officer who ordered me to leave my father, resulting in his near death experience six months earlier. I became furious that I was being unfairly treated by this rookie. I was as rude and uncooperative as I could be. I refused to cooperate with her request. I was arrested and taken to Elmira police department to be filmed while performing their balancing acts. I showed no signs of being intoxicated on film. My love for my father and my anger continued to get the best of me, as I continued my rant against the rookie whose actions had almost killed my father in my mind.

Weedon Wetmore was the Chemung County District Attorney and Kevin O’Shea was the assistant, who in my opinion, set out to crucify me. They reviewed the video with my attorney and saw that I was visibly sober, but I know in my heart that the DA's office was not going to be lenient as I was publicly for his opponent in the race for DA. The politics in Elmira are, at best, corrupt, and at worst, evil. Vindictiveness, nepotism, narcissism and corruption are the rule, although many parts of The Machine work well.

So I jumped through all of Weedon and Kevin’s hoops, feeling as though I was being treated like a mass murderer…knowing in my heart that it was payback time. How bad I felt for Weedon’s wife as she was a wonderful teacher to my son and seemed to be a good person.

So did the DA break the law? No, he had an opportunity to use his power and position and put the screws to me in the interest of his form of justice. If you think this sounds like sour grapes…just read the rest of the story! WOW! Remember, Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the words of Abraham Lincoln who said that if you wish to determine a man’s character give him power.

I recently went to lunch with my staff, except for a woman employee, who I will refer to as Victim #1 to protect the innocent. A staffer wondered if I could give Victim # 1 more hours, as she indicated that there was something going on at the other office where Victim # 1 worked. I returned to my office and asked Victim # 1 if everything at the other office was okay? She immediately broke into tears. She tried unsuccessfully to stop crying for five minutes. Finally I told her that I can’t help if I don’t know what the problem is. She finally told me that she was being sexually abused at the other office by the junior dentist at the practice, Dr. D. (“D” for dirty). It began about a year ago when she left her husband. During her story she broke down numerous times stating that she could not take it anymore. Victim # 1 went on to tell me all of the sickening details. She described Dr. D. as an evil pervert. He grabbed her butt on numerous occasions during office hours, comparing himself to James Bond who would pat his female counterpart on the butt to send her off on the next mission…In the case of Victim # 1, he grabbed her butt to send her off to the next patient. He attempted to kiss her on the cheek many times. He would tell her to, “look over there,” and then land a kiss. The final straw for Victim #1 was an incident when Dr. D. forcibly grabbed her breasts! He would later defend himself to the DA by telling that Victim #1 had a ‘flirtatious” relationship with him. This of course was a lie. All female employees knew that Victim #1 wanted nothing to do with Dr. D. After Victim #1 left her husband she looked to many for emotional guidance. Dr. D. was one who rushed to help Victim #1, but soon the help turned into forcible touching. Sexual predators know who are the vulnerable prey. He had already been sexually touching Victim #2 for approximately two years prior to Victim #1 leaving her husband. Yes there is a second victim. Victim #1 and her daughter also reached out to me and my wife who had them stay with us at our farm on many occasions to help.

She said he would grab her waist and carry her across the room while trying to kiss her. Each time she told Dr. D. to stop, hoping that she could keep her job as she was a single Mom and liked working for the older Doctor/owner. She just wanted to go to work, see her patients and go home.
Most or all of the female staff were aware of Dr. D.’s strange behavior, asking the women staffers to touch his bare ripped abs and big biceps. He told Victim # 1 that he could not wait to become a partner in the business so he could be her boss!
Last Christmas Eve he called Victim #1 and told her he was coming over to give a gift of flowers to her. She lied by saying her ex-husband was there and to, “Please give the the flowers to your wife!”

During this whole nightmarish period of sexual harassment, Dr. D. lavished Victim # 1 with money, restaurant gift certificates, flowers, cards, letters and e-mails. In one e-mail Dr. D. says to Victim # 1, referring to another woman, “she’s got the nicest tits in the world.” We have all of the gifts, letters, e-mails and voice mails. If need be, I’ll put all of them on this site for all to see. Victim #1 told me that the practice’s Sr. Dr. was a great guy and knew nothing about what his Jr. counterpart employee was doing to some of his female staff. I called the Sr. Dr. to set up a meeting w/him to inform him that his Dr. D. was about to be arrested and why. When Dr. D. heard that I had called to set up a meeting with the Sr. Dr. He panicked and went to Victim #1 and asked her, “Am I going to be arrested?” Why would he then keep asking the Sr. Dr. over and over what the meeting with the Forensic Dr. Bob Lyon was going to be about? In hind site, he knew he was guilty!
Finally from the same office Victim 2 came forward to describe even worse abuse of her by Dr. D. He would grab Victim # 2 (name changed to protect the innocent) on her bare bottom by sliding his hand down her pants. He would pull her on his lap onto his hard penis and on one occasion, pulled his penis out in her face. Wow!! This is a guy who pretends to be religious and has found God!! He is a very sick man. Weedon needed to let the chips fall and to ask for a plea for Dr. Dirty to accept a harassment violation and serious time in a facility that can help Dr. Dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are we not trying to make things better with the system????? By getting Dr.D to admit his guilt and to rise above by getting help….. would we not be in a better place for all?
I started to get the creeps as I am a mandated reporter of possible child abuse. I thought a man capable of such insane and incomprehensible sexual behavior 1. has an inferiority complex, 2. hates women, 3. is mentally ill and, 4. capable of anything…while trying to convince his friends, family, and colleagues that he is a religious, family man…a pillar of the community. Wow, he has three adopted daughters under the age of adolescence. I called NYS child abuse hotline. They were even more concerned than I. An investigation was launched through Chemung County DSS. At that time, the DA’s office was given access to the information and that I was the one who hotlined Dr. D. My interest was to make sure the children were safe. The reason for the hotline was not just the fact that he is sexually perverted but that witnesses came forward to tell me that they had seen the girls behave strangely around their father…acting almost afraid and distant. The results of this investigation have not been released. I will wager a bet though that the DA’s office won’t let it go anywhere…Why? Keep reading!

Victim # 1 met with the DA assistant, Nicole, assigned to her case. The interview went well until Victim # 1's lawyer had to leave the room. At this point Victim # 1 felt she was being attacked. A barrage of questions about Victim # 1's lawyer and me followed. Victim # 1 finally stopped the questioning by saying “Dr. D. is an asshole and Dr. Lyon is someone who would do anything for you!” “Why all the questions about Dr. Lyon?” Nicole responded by saying, “Are you aware that Dr. Lyon hotlined Dr. D.?” Victim # 1 responded, “Yes, I found out yesterday.” NOW LET US STOP FOR A MOMENT!!! Why is the DA interested so much in me and my involvement? I am a 25 year forensic specialist who has been involved in over 700 cases. My involvement in this case was to make sure evidence was gathered correctly and that the chain of custody was followed to the nines! I bugged Victim #1 with two digital recording devices and she successfully got Dr. D. to apologize for his crimes against her!! More on this later.

Why did Nicole leak to Victim # 1 the fact that I was the one who hotlined Dr. D.? Nicole made a BIG mistake leaking the information to Victim # 1. Who else did the DA’s office leak the info to? They were putting me at risk of being targeted by Dr. D. or one of his many sympathizers. I believe the man is crazy and capable of anything. I phoned Weedon Wetmore at his home on a Saturday morning. He immediately cut into me like a sharp knife. I said, “What is your problem?”…He said, “You know what the problem is…you are interfering with this case!” I said “Your office has leaked information to the streets that has put me at risk…shame on you!” I then hung up. (This conversation was recorded) Now click here to hear Weedon’s voicemail on my phone, moments later after speaking with Nicole. Wow, as soon as he found out that I am a mandated reporter and that Nicole leaked the info to Victim # 1, he lied and said it was Victim # 1 who told Nicole! Good thing that I am not a rookie investigator, huh? This conversation was also recorded!

So now we have Weedon lying, Nicole back peddling. The regional DSS investigation team out of Rochester became involved because the info about me being the whistle blower that was released from the DA’s office is against the law and morally and ethically wrong! The case manager from Rochester, named Margaret Koonz, told me that the DA's office should not have mentioned my name to anyone, but that it is very difficult to fight a DA. They have a lot of power. I believe the truth will set you free and what goes around comes around and I believe in karma. I just pray that the Weedon Wetmores of Elmira (and we all know who the good old boys and girls are) I refer to them as “The Machine” and when we get to the Sheriff Moss section of this mess you will learn that both Wetmore and Moss are parts of “The Machine” that need to be replaced… by decent, honest people like my dad. It would be nice to see Elmira return to the way it used to be before political corruption. Honesty, humility and integrity are so important.
So why am I so sure about all that I have said? Why were the charges against Dr. D. dropped? Not reduced…DROPPED!!!!!
1. Dr. D. has many friends in high places. He’s even on Elmira College’s Presidents Council!!!
2. Weedon Wetmore is part of one of the most powerful law firms in NYS. (part of the machine)
3. Money and corrupt politics rule in many small towns, not just Elmira.
4. Weedon Wetmore has no character according to Honest Abe. Power went to his head.
So what do I have, in addition to all of the cards, e-mails, voice mails, etc?
I have the original recording of Dr. D. himself apologizing for touching Victim # 1's breasts and that he has asked for forgiveness and that he found God. I have this prize evidence locked away where no one will find it. This evidence alone would have won the case!!!!
You will be as convinced as I am, when I load the evidence onto this page, that the DA is corrupt and Dr. D. is sick, needs help and all his friends and family are victims of this sick, perverted beast who needs psychological help in the worst way. How will Wetmore and Nicole feel when he goes on to rape someone in the future? How will they feel when Dr D finally realizes that he is HAD and he off’s himself. Weedon just needed to do his job and Dr. D could have gotten the help that he needs!!!!!! Simple unless a certain business man in the area Paid the system off. I know who he is too!!!
So what happened when Nicole phoned Victim #1 at my office to tell her that she could not take the case to trial? Victim #1 became physically ill! We had to cancel her patients for the afternoon. She drove over to her lawyer’s office (the one who I helped win the DA spot against “The Machine.”) He was devastated and perplexed as well. Victim #1 then met with assistant DA Nicole who clutched her hands into a praying position and said, “Victim #1, I absolutely believe you…but I cannot take your case to trial.” Victim #1 pleaded about her need for justice. Nicole kept talking to her about a civil trial as a good option. Victim #1 said, “Nicole, I don’t care about the money…this guy is a monster…just look at what he did to me and Victim #2 and you’re going to just drop the charges??!!!” A short time following, Nicole would get up and leave Victim #2’s interview before she even got to the worst parts! Victim 2’s case was just ignored by the DA’s office and a 2nd arrest was not made. You see, Wetmore had already decided to let the pervert go!!!!!! In my opinion, even though I have never met Nicole, I feel sorry for her as she may be a victim just like Victim #1. Maybe her boss is making her do things that she knows are wrong. We may never know as Nicole needs her job possibly just as much as victim #1 does!
Finally, it seems counter intuitive that I would seemingly stick my neck out by ruffling the feathers of the DA and eventually our current Sheriff. Dr. D. could try to launch a liable suit against me I suppose but my evidence is unstoppable! He would be wise to leave this town and never look back.
As for DA Wetmore, he is part of a machine that needs to be overhauled. I have all the evidence to back this ENTIRE TRAGIC STORY!! Not one, but two innocent victims of the worst kind of predator. Weedon Wetmore allowed him to walk for reasons I have alluded to. Is it because he finds me to be the obnoxious seeker of justice that I tend to be? Is it because he was fired by Victim #1’s lawyer when the latter won the DA spot over the ‘machine?’ Is it because Dr. D. has a close friend whose father was one of Weedon’s top contributors for his last successful campaign? Was it just an exercise in political muscle flexing? We may never know why Weedon let this pervert loose….but he did and he need not be reelected.
I can only guess he will say there was not enough evidence. Wow!!! He may also say that there was a flirtatious relationship to start and that Victim #1 was to blame as well. He may try to cover me with dirt. My DUAI which was a joke…my being arrested by my vicious ex-wife for removing a car from her property which belonged to me. (Charges were reduced from two FELONY charges to a trespassing violation and a small fine). Oh yes, my wife’s sister’s family having me arrested for forcible touching due to a family war (charges were dropped but the Cortland County DA offered me a harassment violation and $100. fine which I took so as to get it over. So you see there is a lot of dirt on me that amounts to nothing more than a hill of dirt. I became famous because of my forensic work and because I brought Eldridge Park back. With fame comes jealousy, envy, and trouble. So Weedon, we already know what you will try to do before you do it. So why not admit you were wrong so that you stand a chance of being reelected? Admitting one’s mistakes and asking for forgiveness is a good thing. My guess is that the ‘Machine’ is too big for its britches and can do no wrong. I feel sorry for all who have been or will be victims of the ‘Machine,’ while Weedon and Sheriff Moss are in power. It is important to note that many parts of the machine are working very well.
Lastly, what did the Sr. Dr. do when the charges were dropped against his ‘almost’ partner? This is important as the Sr, Doctor/Owner stood to lose the most $ in this nightmare. We presented all the evidence to the Sr. Doctor and after reviewing it he decided to give up the associate’s (Dr. D) $250,000.00 buy-in fee as the evidence was overwhelming. He is a Saint.
Did Weedon Wetmore give up $250,000.00 to make his decision to drop all charges brought against the filthy Dr. D.? Hmmm, I don’t think so. I don’t think he lost any sleep over it either! How could Wetmore have such a complete disregard for justice, humility, honesty and fairness?
My next job is to expose Sheriff Moss for what he is and work hard to get Art Laurey, an honest, humble, great ex-Marine, tremendous family man, and a sheriff’s department employee for over twenty-six years to be our next Sheriff. We will release infomercials on this site and on a regular basis to let everyone know what a qualified and wonderful Sheriff Art Laurey will be and the horrible monster that Chris Moss has become. I worked on many forensic cases with Chris when he was an investigator with the Sheriff’s Dept. for many years. He was a good guy then but remember Honest Abe’s words…”To find a man’s true character, give him power…. Please watch the infomercials to follow this summer and learn the truth on what I call the Truth Network!!! You won’t see info on WETM or WENY or the STAR GAZETTE as they stay away from controversial topics like this…. Usually you will only hear what the Machine wants you to here.
Let us work together to make this community a better place for all of us. Look what we did together at Eldridge Park. You all learned that I don’t lie….I say what I mean and mean what I say…. I’m not perfect… but believe me when I say that Weedon Wetmore and Chris Moss are 2 parts of the Machine that need to be replaced.
Dr. Bob Lyon
PS. 2 more victims of Dr D’s forcible touching have come forward ….Patients of his at the Chemung Co. Dental clinic….WOW… Contact me on my cell if you want details…4265270… If enough show interest I will scan and place one of the signed statements on this Truth Network.


Am I crazy? The answer is yes, I’m crazy about Justice.

A patient phoned me this AM. She was concerned about me. She said that the huge sign that I am driving around Chemung County and in my office parking lot makes me look crazy!

While I agreed with her, I told her the whole story and that I have reached out to Lois Wilson (Star Gazette editor), WETM News director, George, WENY and the Corning Leader. Lois Wilson about hung up on me the last time I was lucky enough to get her on the phone.

The media are not willing to say anything negative about Sheriff Moss even though it is absolutely true. My sign says that Sheriff Moss covered up the fact that his under-sheriff’s nephew had sex with many female inmates in 2009 while he was on duty as a CO at the Chemung County jail. Moss knew, and by law was supposed to immediately inform the local DA (who is corrupt - read overhauling the machine on this site), and the State Commissioner of Corrections.

It is my position that the local news agencies are sadly controlled by the local political ‘machine'. Lois Wilson used to be a wonderful help, during my years developing Eldridge Park, but when there is something negative and controversial to report, they are scared to death. In the end people will change their way of thinking. Those who feel I am nuts will learn the truth and that once again it takes someone driven like me to make change. It took crazy me to bring Eldridge back, and unfortunately it takes the same passion and fortitude to do what I’m doing now. To me, it is no different. I’m not stupid, as I realize the difference between what I did at Eldridge Park and now, attempting to topple two of the most powerful leaders in Chemung County .

When I rebuilt Eldridge, it became a passion to the point where all of the energy I poured into that project, recently resulted in Eldridge being voted the 5th most loved park in the United States . I rebuilt Eldridge to help the residents of Chemung County .

I will work to de-throne our DA, Weedon Wetmore, and our sheriff, Chris Moss, with the same passion that drove me to rebuild Eldridge. To me, both projects are the same. I am working to help the residents of Chemung County by stopping the good old boys' corruption in Chemung County .

With Eldridge, everyone embraced me but with this worthwhile endeavor, people are scared and don’t know what to think. I can assure all of you that I understand and I can promise you that I am crazy about justice, but I am not insane. In the end people will change their way of thinking. Those who feel I am nuts will learn the truth and that once again it takes someone like me to make change. It took crazy me to bring Eldridge back and unfortunately it takes the same passion and fortitude to do what I’m doing now. To me it is no different.

You see, my career in forensics has caused me to think more clearly about right and wrong…we are all just human…we make mistakes…we live, we die, and we can work to make things better in our communities while we are among the living. Eldridge Park, and stopping the corruption are, to me, the same because my experiences have caused me to view things very differently than most.

I now recognize that all of us are vulnerable in many ways. Post 9/11, I opened hundreds of body bags to find nothing more than human body parts. I have handled rape and homicide victims with bite marks, infanticides, fire and MVA victims, boating accidents, suicides, airplane crashes, and one stowaway that fell out of the landing gear compartment at 3,000 feet and hit a street at terminal velocity. I was also one of the investigators involved in the Marilyn Sheppard case (the movie, The Fugitive, was based on this case.)

Please do not be afraid. Write to the State Commissioner of Corrections and the Attorney General’s Bureau of Public Integrity. Their addresses are on the main page article on this site and these two offices are the NYS investigative entities who can bring an end to this serious problem. The wheels of the government turn slowly and it may play out that not enough Chemung County residents know about the Sheriff Moss corruption until he has already been re-elected. But if he is re-elected, I will NOT STOP! I will continue to be Sheriff Moss’s and his under-sheriff’s least favorite person until justice prevails. However, if enough Chemung County residents digest the awful facts and realize that I am not blowing smoke and that my motives have nothing to do with dirty politics, Art Laurey will replace the diabolical, corrupt leaders and their followers at the Chemung County Sheriff’s department.

I am just doing what Bob does. Please help me to overhaul the machine.

Dr. Bob Lyon